Reader Question:

Hi David,

I am 60 yrs old, really healthy, extremely effective, and a tremendously great woman. I’d an extremely cool wedding for over thirty years. I signed up with as soon as I separated, had several times (they were terrible), following one jumped up. I’ve outdated him off and on for 2 decades. The guy explained the guy really likes me personally, but he disappears everyday. I see him for a couple of days, right after which he’s gone for just two to three weeks. He had been married for 30 years and also three kids (just like me) and states they have commitment issues and it is watching a therapist regarding it. His girlfriend cheated on him and then he has drug and alcohol issues.

Do I need to think about this man to get harmful? If he contacts me personally once more (that I believe he’ll), can I tell him not to ever contact me personally any longer, or should I only tell him i like getting with him but was making my personal solutions prepared for big date others?

-Nancy (Ca)

David Wygant’s Answer:

Should you consider this person toxic?  No.

I would personally start thinking about him becoming a booty phone call.

Which is all he could be.  He’s a booty telephone call.

The guy doesn’t want to dedicate.  He’s picking out plenty of reasons, yet somehow the guy likes to appear over and trick about.

Whenever men really does that, all he or she is doing is utilizing you as an intimate partner.

Confront him upon it if you want, but a man like him could make upwards some form of story not to be stop sexually.

Very move forward and  discover someone that is deserving of you.

The full time you have been wasting considering him and being with him is actually time you can be satisfying a unique man.

Enjoy the procedure!